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Treatment of endometriosis of the sciatic nerve at the Zuerich International Endometriosis Center

Marc Possover,
Oktober 3, 2023

Endometriosis is a disease that affects millions of women and girls worldwide. Prof. Possover has created a clinical centre in Zuerich that is dedicated to endometriosis disorders in order to be able to provide targeted help to those women who are suffering.

The International Center of Excellence addresses all affected women worldwide, especially when severe forms of deep infiltrating endometriosis, such as endometriosis of the sciatic nerve are present. This rare disease is not yet sufficiently well-known, even among specialists, with only very few doctors being able to perform the necessary procedure. Treatment at the Zuerich Endometriosis Center is currently often the only way for patients to cure endometriosis or significantly improve their health situation.

Prof. Possover has already performed more than 350 such operations to remove endometriosis from the sciatic nerve at the Endometriosis Center Zuerich - part of the Possover International Medical Center. This makes him the world's leading expert in the treatment of endometriosis of the sciatic nerve using laparoscopic surgery.


Endometriosis of the sciatic nerve as a cause of burning nerve pain


In women with endometriosis, islets of the uterine lining (endometrium) settle outside the uterine cavity. These proliferations - known as endometrial lesions - can cause severe pain. In endometriosis of the sciatic nerve, the sciatic nerve is affected by such tissue infestation. This results in agonizing pain and loss of function in the legs and feet. The cause of the pain is often not recognized at all or only at a very late stage.

The diagnosis of endometriosis of the sciatic nerve includes asking the patients about their medical history as well as a scan examination and an ultrasound test of the pelvic nerves. The final confirmation of the disease then takes place minimally invasively by means of a laparoscopy. If the disease is confirmed, the operation must be performed as early as possible, because the neurological functional deficits in the legs and feet can become irreversible if the disease progresses unhindered and the nerve is gradually destroyed.


Treatment of endometriosis of the sciatic nerve


For the surgeon, the surgery for endometriosis of the sciatic nerve poses a major challenge because the sciatic nerve is a pelvic nerve located behind numerous pelvic blood vessels in a highly sensitive area of the body. The procedure requires specialized skills and knowledge of the anatomy of the pelvic nerves and vessels and a great deal of practical hands-on treatment experience. The procedure should therefore only be performed by specially trained experts.


New ways of therapy based on current scientific findings


At the Endometriosis Center Zuerich, Prof. Possover personally performs surgical procedures to remove deeply infiltrating endometriosis of the sciatic nerve. The treatment procedure is based on Neuropelveology, a medical discipline founded by Prof. Possover. Through years of thorough basic and clinical research, Prof. Possover was able to demonstrate that endometriosis of the sciatic nerve can be the cause of severe burning nerve pain in the pelvis, legs and feet. Other serious symptoms of the disease include loss of strength and restricted movement of the foot, including complete loss of function.

As with the diagnosis, endometriosis of the sciatic nerve is operated by laparoscopy. The aim is to free the sciatic nerve from tissue infestation and maintain its function by using tiny cameras and the finest medical equipment. In hundreds of such operations Prof. Possover achieved a significant pain reduction for the patients. Even with advanced endometriosis the sciatic nerve can recover and the healthy function of the legs can be restored. The prerequisite is the preservation of the continuity of the nerve.

live images of an operation for endometriosis of the sciatic nerve:




Personal care and support of the patient

At the Endometriosis Center Zuerich, the treatment of endometriosis of the sciatic nerve is closely linked to the individual support and care of the patient - psychologically as well as for pain therapy. Prof. Possover and his team consider the personal needs of the patients and their relatives to be just as important as high quality medical care. A comprehensible explanation and provision of in-depth information, as well as making joint decisions about the best treatment options, are a matter of principle to the therapeutic team here.

Due to the complexity of endometriosis, there is also close cooperation with other specialist disciplines and outside alternative providers. Through cooperation with a practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), supplementary forms of therapy can also be included in the treatment process at the patient's request.


Competence and quality at the highest level worldwide


Endometriosis of the sciatic nerve is a serious disease that is still little known, even among accomplished physicians. However, thanks to new scientific findings, modern procedures and forward-looking treatment methods, it can now be safely treated. The Endometriosis Center in Zuerich offers the affected women individual advice as well as the only effective treatment of endometriosis of the sciatic nerve via laparoscopy surgery - at the highest clinical level. The Endometriosis Centre was the first centre in Switzerland to be certified by the "Endometriosis Research Foundation" and was awarded the Endometriosis Centre Level III certificate by the "European Endometriosis League".


For women suffering from this agonizing disease, the journey to the Endometriosis Center Zuerich can mean a first step towards a life without pain.


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